The Beatle Folks Mission

The purpose of Beatle Folks is quite simple; we want to let the world know that many of the people associated with Beatles history didn't fade away with the end of the sixties, or with the end of The Beatles as a group. Although many of them are not in the public eye to the extent they were during the Beatles/Sixties era, many are still going strong and still doing what they do best. While they are out there, however, the popular media of today has largely forgetten about them, so finding them is not always easy.

What makes our site unique is that while we are, of course, interested in the history of the Beatles and others who took part in that history, their stories did not end in the sixties once they left the spotlight. They continue. Our primary focus is, in a sense, to pick up their stories where they left off, at least in the minds of many fans.

Beatle Folks is the creation of photographer John Hester, winner of a dozen awards for photojournalism from the New Jersey Press Association and the Pennslyvania Newspaper Association. In addition to Beatle-related people, he has photographed the Dalai Lama (3rd place portrait winner, NJPA 1999), NJ Governors Christine Todd Whitman, Jim Florio, Tom Kean and Brendan Byrne, Isabella Rossellini, former Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill, Ivana Trump, Martin Short, Pope John Paul II and many others.

He was a Staff Photographer, later Chief Photographer, for the Hunterdon County Democrat Newspaper group from 1994-2000. His work has appeared on numerous websites including the Photo Cafe section of Calumet Photo (, where he was a regular contributor of photography-related articles. His New York City street photography was a regular feature of the Greenwich Village Gazette ( from 1998-99.

His article "A Second Look", with accompanying photos, appeared in 'Black & White Photography' magazine in Dec. of 2004.

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